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We are constantly improving our processes and competencies – because only satisfied customers ensure the continued existence of our company.

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What makes our injection molding company special

As a medium-sized injection molding company, we focus on steady growth, professional qualification and transparent communication. These values are implemented at every hierarchical level and lived by all employees.

Buck Spritzgussteile Formenbau GmbH is a market-oriented company.

The long-term profit orientation based on continuous growth serves to secure and increase the economic power of the company. Buck GmbH produces and sells branded products for the highest quality standards. The comprehensive service for the customer is the top priority.

The main market for Buck GmbH is the global supplier market for the automotive industry. In addition to cultivating the traditional markets, the company is increasingly striving to expand into new high-growth segments. Since the company's activities are geared towards long-term success, short-term sales ideas are subordinated to a systematic and strategically coordinated approach.

Buck Spritzgussteile Formenbau GmbH is an employee-oriented company.

In addition to securing economic strength, job security is the company's most important goal. Long periods of service are desired. This results in an emphasis on employee development, an active social and health policy as well as the demand for modern workplace design and flexible working time arrangements.

Further training measures at Buck GmbH are not limited to operational necessities, they are intended to strengthen the level of information and the well-being of employees at work and in their private lives. One of the principles of Buck GmbH is that the results of negotiations in wage and social policy are not undercut. Equality between the sexes and members of different nations serves as the basis for job allocation and remuneration. Severely disabled persons will be given preference if they have the same qualifications. There is the principle of open doors, which means that every employee can present his or her concerns directly to the management.

Spritzgussbetrieb Leitlinien
Buck Spritzgussteile Formenbau GmbH operates an open

exchange of information and promote cross-sectoral cooperation.

The leadership principle is the realization of a cooperative leadership style at all levels. Buck employees are expected to think along in the interests of the company as a whole. From this point of view, the area of responsibility is not limited to one's own workplace and should be expressed in suggestions for improvement of all kinds. Values that are universally valid from the company's point of view are conveyed to all employees through an appropriate policy. A high level of quality awareness is supported by a management system. Environmental protection as an obligation for everyone should be made clear by an active environmental policy.

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