Mould making & toolmaking

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In order to meet the requirements of different industries, we manufacture every mold and tool required for injection molding in-house.

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On the way to series production

Design of tailor-made injection molded parts

Many customers have very precise ideas about their end product – but the production-ready design is usually still unclear. For this reason, each new injection molded part must first be developed individually. From design to toolmaking to injection molding: Our specialists know exactly which materials are best suited for your application and which processes are ideally used.

In order to guarantee flawless results, we first sample the product extensively in accordance with VDA 6.1, PPAP levels 1 to 5 and subject it to a feasibility assessment before preparing an offer. Your personal contact person monitors what is happening from the very first second. After all, many steps are necessary before the first injection-molded parts come out of the machine. And that's exactly why Buck accompanies you on the way to series production throughout the entire development process.

Moldflow Simulation

The experts at Buck GmbH check the design of your injection-molded parts with the help of the Moldflow filling simulation software. Thanks to this software, any manufacturing problems can be virtually predicted and corrected even before the actual injection molding begins. In this way, we shorten product cycles and avoid tool changes. Our moldflow simulations cover the entire process – from temperature control to simulations of the filling phase to warping behavior.

  •     Design and optimization of mold temperature control
  •     Detecting "hotspots"
  •     Filling simulation
  •     Selection of the connection
  •     Reduction of cycle time and minimization of distortion
  •     Follow-up phase
  •     Shrinkage

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